Advancing the Renfrew Recommendations

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In June 2022, the Renfrew Inquest jury released 86 recommendations based on the evidence arising from testimony given during the inquest into the 2015 femicides of Anastasia Kuzyk, Nathalie Warmerdam and Carol Culleton. The need for strong community coordination has been included in every inquest and death review list of recommendations since 1998.

Recommendations are levers for change. While most are directed toward government departments and institutions, there is a critical role for VAWCCs and their communities. In fact, recommendations only come to life when the people who do the work on the ground move to action. BBW supports local VAWCCs and VAW leaders in advancing and implementing the Renfrew recommendations. Use the BBW review of the recommendations as a tool to discuss actions your VAWCC can take to advance the recommendations and strengthen your community response.

Some of the ways we are working together:

VAWCC coordinators meet monthly to discuss community issues and initiatives, share ideas and resources and to support each other. Renfrew is currently a standing item on the agenda. Contact Thea Symonds if you wish to join:

Forums are being convened online in partnership with EVA Renfrew to provide an opportunity for VAWCCs to share updates, discuss strategies and inspire one another.

Tools have been developed to support VAWCCs and local leadership:

Let us know what you are working on.