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Collective Impact

Toward Shared Measures and Reinforcing Activities

Following a Collective Impact model, the conditions necessary to achieving collective impact are:

  • A Common Agenda
  • Shared Measures
  • Reinforcing Activities
  • Continuous Communication
  • Backbone Support

A Common Agenda

Our broad common agenda is to create a violence-free Ontario that acknowledges violence against women and children is a global issue that grows out of underlying values attributed to large enduring social forces such as patriarchy, colonialization and unregulated capitalism (to name a few). Historically we have talked about ending violence against women and children as our unifying goal. Social marketing research has identified the need to frame the desired outcomes on complex social issues through a constructive and creative, yet still critical lens. For this reason, we are describing our common VAW agenda for BBWON as one that is fundamentally designed to be creative in the sense of building a more just society, and engaging in the sense of rippling into every community. If we are to be successful, we must learn to engage all of our citizens to remember that we are a human family on a resource-rich, finite, beautiful planet. Everyone has an important role to play in 21st century world-building and we need all of our people to help us explore what we can create together.