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Raise the profile of violence against women and children in Ontario

79 women and girls were killed in Canada between January and June 2018. 41 were killed in Ontario. 2 men and 6 boys under the age of 18 were killed in the same time period. There needs to be greater public awareness of the epidemic of gender-based violence. Below are resources and research that can support increased interaction with the media. 

The Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women has created a comprehensive media hub. The hub includes:

Reporter Tip Sheets for reporting on:

OAITH Femicide Media Analysis

Femicide in Ontario

In 1995 OAITH began tracking women and their children who’ve been murdered by their partner, previous partner, family members, or other men close or known them. Femicide is broadly identified as the intentional murder of women by men.  Each year OAITH releases a list of names reported on by the media in Ontario to remember and bring attention to the issue of violence against women.

OAITH, in partnership with Dr. Mavis Morton at University of Guelph critically examine media reports of femicide using 5 positive and negative frames to evaluate and analyze media reporting.  

2017 Femicide in Ontario 

2016-2017 Annual Femicide List

2016-2017 Media Analysis

BBWON Media Workshop

BBWON held a media workshop for VAWCCs in June 2016 with Pam Cross. A report-back was created to summarize the day and to share the tips and tools that were presented. Read the report.

VAW Key Messaging

There is power in our united voice as a movement to end violence against women. As such, organizations across Ontario are collaborating to ensure that we are working towards the same goals with this new government. 

Following the provincial election, a VAW Communications Steering Committee was formed. This small steering committee within the sector will work on internal and external messaging as issues arise, as well as proactively providing information on key issues to others in the gender-based violence sector. We encourage you to share media lists of progressive journalists you trust with the committee. This steering committee will also connect with other sectors to share their information and advocacy with our sector.

Current VAW Communications Steering Committee members: Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes, Aboriginal Shelters of Ontario, Building a Bigger Wave, Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres, Ontario Association Interval Housing, Ontario Provincial Roundtable on Violence Against Women.

Meetings with MPPs: We have provided a letter template that you can use to contact your MPP for a meeting. Should you connect with your MPP, we encourage you to use the high-level key messaging below to show a united, consistent and collaborative movement to end violence against women.

Key Messaging to Use in Communications including Social Media, Op-Eds and in Meetings with MPPs and Staff 

  • Violence against women is a serious non-partisan issue. 
  • Violence against women affects every community in Ontario from rural to Northern to urban communities.
  • Collaboration is key to ending violence against women. It requires focused government attention in collaboration with community partners. The Violence Against Women Roundtable enables strong relationships between government and the violence against women sector.  We will work with government to ensure that everyone is safe and healthy in Ontario.
  • Sustainable funding for community-based supports and services for those impacted  by violence against women -- survivors, children, community members and perpetrators -- fosters safe and healthy communities.
  • Women with disabilities, Deaf women, Trans women, Francophone women, girls and young women, especially those living in the care of child welfare, immigrant and refugee women, women living in rural and remote communities have unique vulnerabilities that require specialized attention.
  • It is vital to support the leadership and expertise of Indigenous organizations in addressing violence against Indigenous women.

Organizations and Associations

Action ontarienne contra la violence faites aux femmes (AOcVF)

Aboriginal Shelters of Ontario (ASOO)

Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and AccountabilityMid Year Report 2018

Femifesto: Use the Right Words - Media Reporting on Sexual Violence

Egale Human Rights Trust -  Research and Policy Development

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI) - campaigns

Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres (OCRCC): for the media

Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres (OFIFC)

Ontario Native Women's Association (ONWA)

Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses (OAITH): Femicide ListsOntario Femicide Media Analysis 2017Ontario Femicide Media Analysis 2016, Summary of 2016 Analysis

Ottawa Coaltion to End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW) - media hub

Native Women's Assocation of Canada (NWAC) - Sisters In Spirit Oct 4 vigils

Network of Women with Disabilities (Facebook)